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Life on the Prairies - Families
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Several generations of the Zadorozny family in front of their home in St. Walburg.

As settlers struggled to establish themselves on the prairie, families played an important role in the success or failure of the homestead. Several generations would often live together, helping each other out. Throughout the settlement experience there were good times and bad as they learned to cope with their new surroundings.

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Image Preview R-A32815 Photograph 1 - Several generations of the Zadorozny family in front of their home in St. Walburg.
Image Preview R-B9376 Photograph 2 - The old and the young pose in front of their home in Weyburn.
Image Preview R-A19700 Photograph 3 - Family and friends in front of an early home near Auvergne.
Image Preview R-A20364 Photograph 4 - The Gathercole family on their farm near Broadview.
Image Preview R-B3631 Photograph 5 - Dressed up in their Sunday best for a picture in front of their tar paper shack on the open prairie.
Image Preview R-A4808 Photograph 6 - Near Marchwell, American settlers from Minnesota celebrate Christmas in their new home.
Image Preview R-A14347 Photograph 7 - A typical family scene in a time gone by. The family is gathered in the living room with the children doing homework or
Image Preview R-A24447-1 Photograph 8 - A family from Bateman is gathered around the crystal radio set.
Image Preview R-A1579-1 Photograph 9 - A few friends and family having a picnic in the woods near Prince Albert.
Image Preview R-B3305-1 Photograph 10 - Family and friends gathered for a Sunday at home.
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