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Life on the Prairies - Farm Chores
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Repairing a plow that broke down while breaking the land near Truax.

"For homesteaders trying to make a go of it on the prairie, life was filled with many different experiences. A constant stream of chores around the farm was one of those experiences. In addition to seeding, harvesting, and other field orientated jobs, there were many smaller tasks such a feeding the chickens, slaughtering hogs, and repairing machinery that had to be done. Entire families pitched in to get the chores done and contribute to the success of the homestead. The methods may have changed, but many of these chores are still with us today."

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Breaking the Land; Plows and Plowing; Truax District

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Image Preview R-B2968 Photograph 1 - Repairing a plow that broke down while breaking the land near Truax.
Image Preview A349 k1 PDF Document 2 - Mitchell Hillyard's diary entries for part of 1892 provide a glimpse into the daily chores that had to be done on the fa
Image Preview R-B1777 Photograph 3 - A team of horses pull a wagon load of manure on a farm in the Qu'Appelle valley.
Image Preview R-A14231 Photograph 4 - Three men attempt to pick rocks and clear land that should never have been put up for homestead.
Image Preview R-B3029 Photograph 5 - Repairing a dismantled gas tractor.
Image Preview R-A6174 Photograph 6 - A child feeding the chickens.
Image Preview R-B316 Photograph 7 - A family and their poultry farm near Canora.
Image Preview R-A5633 Photograph 8 - "Young women carrying milk pails, lead the cows to milking."
Image Preview R-A21641 Photograph 9 - Dressing a hog for slaughter outside the stable.
Image Preview R-B9803-1 Photograph 10 - Slaughtering a pig hung from a tree.
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