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Life on the Prairies - Fishing and Hunting
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Coyote hunters on the prairie.

"For many homesteaders the wide open spaces were intimidating, but for the hunter and fisher it was a paradise. The forest and prairie wilderness provided for plenty of game and with a large number of lakes there was plenty of fish to be caught. The stereotype of an arid plain was contradicted by the abundance of wildlife. "

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Hunters and Hunting

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Image Preview R-A6530-3 Photograph 1 - Coyote hunters on the prairie.
Image Preview R-B1800 Photograph 2 - "For some homesteaders, hunting provided an opportunity to dress in buckskins and other western garb."
Image Preview R-B3507-1 Photograph 3 - Results of the hunt at a camp in northern Saskatchewan.
Image Preview R-A6089 Photograph 4 - Smoking moose meat after a successful hunt. The hunt was often a way of providing meat over the winter.
Image Preview R-B2762 Photograph 5 - Coyote hunters display the results after a hunt in the Lloydminster area.
Image Preview R-A2543 Photograph 6 - The prairie landscape was ideal habitat for waterfowl and goose hunting was just as popular then as it is now.
Image Preview R-A8809-23 Photograph 7 - For many homesteaders hunting was a way to supplement the diet and not just a sport.
Image Preview R-A5628-2 Photograph 8 - Fishing was an activity everyone could take part in. These young women were happy with their 16 lb pickerel caught at Fi
Image Preview R-A2708 Photograph 9 - Long Lake (Last Mountain Lake) was a popular fishing area.
Image Preview R-A21160 Photograph 10 - "Boy Scout camps were often held at Fort Qu'Appelle, and these boys were able to show off their catch."
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