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Life on the Prairies - Frame Houses
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A mother and her son stand in front of their small frame house near Balcarres.

"For those homesteaders who had the means, many built a frame house on their land. As time went on the houses grew larger and reflected the prosperity achieved by some. "

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Frame Houses; Balcarres District

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Image Preview R-B9968 Photograph 1 - A mother and her son stand in front of their small frame house near Balcarres.
Image Preview R-A21041 Photograph 2 - "Arriving from Kansas, this family set about constructing a frame house in the Humboldt district."
Image Preview R-A18891 Photograph 3 - "Although not very elaborate, this wooden shack was viewed as a step up from a sod house."
Image Preview R-B1897 Photograph 4 - A small one-storey house with a slanting roof.
Image Preview R-A12327 Photograph 5 - A proud family show off the frame house they built themselves. This involved everything from cutting the lumber to buil
Image Preview R-A14464 Photograph 6 - A homesteader's ready-made farm home nears completion.
Image Preview R-A23662 Photograph 7 - One benefit of a frame house was that it could be moved to a new location.
Image Preview R-A3455 Photograph 8 - "This was the first frame house built in Willow Bunch. The cost was $6,000."
Image Preview R-A14668 Photograph 9 - "With no trees for shelter, frame houses needed to be well constructed to provide protection from the elements."
Image Preview R-A17225 Photograph 10 - "By the 1920s some frame houses had shingle siding, a windmill to generate electricity, and radio reception."
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