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Life on the Prairies - Growth of Towns
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New towns in Saskatchewan and Alberta along the Canadian Pacific Railway.

As the railways expanded across the prairies new towns were created at regular intervals along the line. These new towns would expand rapidly as they became service and supply centres for the homesteaders.

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Railways; Towns

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Image Preview Maps Map 1 - New towns in Saskatchewan and Alberta along the Canadian Pacific Railway.
Image Preview R-A135-5 Photograph 2 - Railways and grain elevators were the symbols for the new prairie towns.
Image Preview R-B9376 Photograph 3 - Several generations of immigrants would live and work in the communities.
Image Preview R-A2113 Photograph 4 - Towns seemed to spring up overnight to dot the prairie landscape.
Image Preview S-B6953 Photograph 5 - "Whether on the prairie or in the forest fringe, the growth of towns symbolized the rapid changes taking place in Saskat
Image Preview Pamphlet PDF Document 6 - Communities such as Grenfell actively promoted their town to attract new settlers to the area.
Image Preview R-A223-1 Photograph 7 - In Sintaluta, like other prairie towns, the railway line and station became the centre of the community.
Image Preview R-A3293 Photograph 8 - Wawota - one of many new towns in Saskatchewan.
Image Preview Pamphlet PDF Document 9 - To incorporate as a village various documents had to be signed and submitted. In this case the citizens of Lafleche sub
Image Preview R-A2716 Photograph 10 - Railway Street in Vanguard.
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