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Life on the Prairies - Hockey
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Hockey players engaged in a pick up game in front of the Legislative Building.

"While winter was viewed with dread by many homesteaders, it also provided an opportunity to get involved in winter sports such as hockey. From frozen sloughs to indoor rinks virtually everyone at one time or another laced up a pair of skates and took to the ice."

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Hockey; Regina; Legislative Building; Wascana Lake

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Image Preview R-B5658 Photograph 1 - Hockey players engaged in a pick up game in front of the Legislative Building.
Image Preview R-A12046-1 Photograph 2 - A hockey game on the outdoor rink at Norrishville.
Image Preview R-A1025 Photograph 3 - Radville players in action.
Image Preview R-A6151 Photograph 4 - A frozen pond and a couple of improvised hockey sticks were all that was needed to enjoy the game in the St. Luke distri
Image Preview R-B1803 Photograph 5 - At Qu'Appelle there was a covered rink and equipment to be used by the players.
Image Preview R-A12046-2 Photograph 6 - The Norrishville hockey team pose for a team picture.
Image Preview R-B2246 Photograph 7 - The local champions.
Image Preview R-B2998 Photograph 8 - "In Regina, Central Collegiate had a girl's hockey team."
Image Preview R-B3312 Photograph 9 - The Prince Albert women's hockey team.
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