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Life on the Prairies - Home Interiors
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A homesteader sitting in his kitchen.

In the same way that housing styles varied so did the interiors of the settler’s homes. Economic and family status would play a big role in determining what the interior of a house looked like.

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Kitchens; Broadview District;

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Image Preview R-A18916 Photograph 1 - A homesteader sitting in his kitchen.
Image Preview R-A21082 Photograph 2 - Three men inside a shack with home-made furniture.
Image Preview R-B1807 Photograph 3 - The three men living in this shack had fixed it up to be a little more liveable.
Image Preview R-A3483 Photograph 4 - A sod house could be made comfortable with canvas hanging on the walls.
Image Preview R-A6186-1 Photograph 5 - The living-room of a typical home.
Image Preview R-A14348 Photograph 6 - An early store in Rosthern had living quarters on the second story.
Image Preview R-A4516 Photograph 7 - The living room of this Prince Albert resident was a little more elaborate that what many homesteaders had.
Image Preview R-A7621 Photograph 8 - The living room of the Forget residence in Regina.
Image Preview R-A26849 Photograph 9 - The living room of a family home in Stoughton.
Image Preview R-B3991-1 Photograph 10 - Some Regina families lived in rather large homes with several rooms that were elaborately furnished.
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