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Life on the Prairies - Household Chores
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A typical kitchen in a Swedish-American immigrant home.

Running the household on a new homestead was a time consuming and often difficult task. In addition to running the farm, doing the gardening, and the regular farm chores, the family had to be fed and clothed. The tasks are similar to today, but the amount of work and time involved has changed dramatically.

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Swedes; Kitchens

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Image Preview R-A4809 Photograph 1 - A typical kitchen in a Swedish-American immigrant home.
Image Preview R-A23501 Photograph 2 - Preparing pastries in the kitchen of a home in the Cannington Manor district.
Image Preview R-A23670 Photograph 3 - A bachelor baking bread in a stove-pipe oven.
Image Preview S-X2 No.1 PDF Document 4 - "Details about running a household and doing the chores are given in this pioneer survey, conducted in 1952. It provide
Image Preview R-31 I.5 PDF Document 5 - Sample pages from a customer account book illustrate the type of items homesteaders purchased to maintain their home and
Image Preview A261 PDF Document 6 - A homesteaders’ detailed account book indicates typical household items a settler had to purchase and the cost of each
Image Preview R-260 I.169 PDF Document 8 - "In 1911 Joan Hamilton, supervisor of Domestic Science with the Regina Public School Board, delivered a number of speech
Image Preview Pamphlet PDF Document 9 - A cook book compiled by the Regina Boat Club Girls’ Auxiliary.
Image Preview R-A19913 Photograph 10 - Near Montmarte, two women wash clothes with a ringer.
Image Preview R-A20058 Photograph 11 - Washing clothes outside with a ringer machine operated by a small engine.
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