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Life on the Prairies - Isolation
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An isolated homestead on the prairie.

"The nature of the landscape and the method of dispersing homesteads often resulted in settlers living some distance from one another. While the wide open spaces proved to be a mecca for those seeking homesteads, the reality of the land often led to a sense of isolation."

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Farm Yards; Prairie

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Image Preview R-B1410-3 Photograph 1 - An isolated homestead on the prairie.
Image Preview R-A3462 Photograph 2 - "A homesteader’s first house at Willow Bunch, with few neighbours in site."
Image Preview R-A2321 Photograph 3 - "On land between Young and Plunkett, a young homesteader waited out the winter in his sod shack."
Image Preview R-A9119 Photograph 4 - North of Marshall this women's lonely home was the post office for Landrose.
Image Preview R-A2536 Photograph 5 - At times a dog may be the closest friend a homesteader had.
Image Preview R-A20084 Photograph 6 - A homesteader spends some time with his dog.
Image Preview R-A5998-1 Photograph 7 - Making it through the long cold winters was difficult for most homesteaders. The two stacks of poles were needed for fi
Image Preview R-B7267 Photograph 8 - From their home near Dundurn it was a long journey to go visiting.
Image Preview R-B294-2 Photograph 9 - There were wide open spaces surrounding this farm yard in the Tugaske district.
Image Preview R-A24447-1 Photograph 10 - A family from Bateman gathered around the crystal radio set. Technology helped to alleviate the isolation.
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