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Life on the Prairies - Moose jaw
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Rice Studio Album-11
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The Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) depot in Moose Jaw.

Similar to most prairie towns, Moose Jaw had its start due to the railway. As a divisional point for the CPR it grew quickly and people had visions of a major city developing in the area. In addition to a service and agricultural centre it became a manufacturing site for several industries.

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Rice Studio Album-11
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Moose Jaw; Railway Stations

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Image Preview Rice Studio Album-11 Photograph 1 - The Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) depot in Moose Jaw.
Image Preview Rice Studio Album-112 Photograph 2 - In addition to the CPR mainline, the Grand Trunk Pacific built a line into Moose Jaw.
Image Preview R-A24585 Photograph 3 - The CPR rail yards and station.
Image Preview Rice Studio Album-44 Photograph 4 - Railway workers installing the pivot at the CPR roundhouse.
Image Preview Rice Studio Album-150 Photograph 5 - "Since Moose Jaw was the hub for several rail lines, an internal grain storage elevator was built."
Image Preview Rice Studio Album-58 Photograph 6 - "Industries, such as the Moose Jaw brewery, grew rapidly in the city. "
Image Preview Rice Studio Album-59 Photograph 7 - Several buildings in Moose Jaw were built out of brick, manufactured at the local plant.
Image Preview Rice Studio Album-99 Photograph 8 - Industrial Moose Jaw.
Image Preview Rice Studio Album-54 Photograph 9 - Streets were paved with bricks.
Image Preview Rice Studio Album-6 Photograph 10 - Looking east down High Street provided signs of prosperity.
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