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Life on the Prairies - Music
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A violin with bow and sheet-music represented one form of music.

"Music was an art form that brought people together to either listen or play. Whether it was families, bands, or formal orchestras music was a universal language that brought all settlers together."

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Musical Instruments; Lamps

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Image Preview R-A6153 Photograph 1 - A violin with bow and sheet-music represented one form of music.
Image Preview R-A4808 Photograph 2 - Celebrating Christmas with some music in their new home near Marchwell.
Image Preview R-A14337 Photograph 3 - Playing the accordion in an outdoor setting.
Image Preview R-A18992 Photograph 4 - Two Ukrainian women wear traditional dress and play music.
Image Preview R-A19552 Photograph 5 - A violin and a piano were used for this living room concert.
Image Preview R-A26902 Photograph 6 - Playing the ukulele offered a respite from the toils of homesteading for this bachelor.
Image Preview R-B723 Photograph 7 - Community bands were very popular. Here the Melfort band played at the Tisdale sports day.
Image Preview R-B12483 Photograph 8 - "The Whitewood band, including some of the French aristocrats from St. Hubert, previously La Rolanderie."
Image Preview R-B7425 Photograph 9 - Regina's first band.
Image Preview R-B8970 Photograph 10 - Smaller communities also had a band. This trombone player was part of the Craig band.
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