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Life on the Prairies - Northern Saskatchewan
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Rapids on a northern river.

While homesteaders rushed into the southern third of the province to establish an agricultural society, the northern areas of the province remained much the same. A land of fast rivers, forests, and people who made their living in a traditional way. The introduction of air travel brought change to the area.

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Northern Saskatchewan; Rapids

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Image Preview R-A1787 Photograph 1 - Rapids on a northern river.
Image Preview R-B9896 Photograph 2 - The Birch Rapids on the upper Sturgeon Weir River had seen many fur traders pass by on their way to the Churchill River.
Image Preview R-A14903 Photograph 3 - Thought to be at Ile-a-la-Crosse, this house had pelts and fish drying outdoors.
Image Preview R-A1800 Photograph 4 - Getting water from a frozen lake in northern Saskatchewan.
Image Preview R-A840 Photograph 5 - In this composite photograph one of the earliest planes used by the Forestry Service was used to spot forest fires aroun
Image Preview R-A9778-6 Photograph 6 - A Saskatchewan air patrol plane equipped with skis for winter flying.
Image Preview R-B2679 Photograph 7 - A float plane refuels at Pelican Narrows. The planes were ideal for flying in people to remote fishing camps. Miners al
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