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Life on the Prairies - Prince Albert
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"Reverend James Nisbet, founder of the Presbyterian mission at Prince Albert in 1866."

"Due to its location on the North Saskatchewan river, Prince Albert had a longer history than most other communities in Saskatchewan. Like other Saskatchewan cities, however, its’ development was affected by the railway. The city suffered a serious set back when the CPR mainline was routed through the southern prairie in the 1880s instead of the northern route. Then as now it serves as a service centre for the agricultural lands to the south and the forests to the north. "

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Prince Albert; James Nisbet

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Image Preview R-B3414 Photograph 1 - "Reverend James Nisbet, founder of the Presbyterian mission at Prince Albert in 1866."
Image Preview A74 Photograph 2 - A river lot survey of Prince Albert.
Image Preview R-A2518 Photograph 3 - A distant view of Prince Albert in 1885.
Image Preview R-B7827 Photograph 4 - A general view of Prince Albert as seen from the East.
Image Preview R-B1677 Photograph 5 - A tractor was used to pull sledges across the frozen North Saskatchewan river.
Image Preview R-B1745 Photograph 6 - A scraper and large roller building a road in Prince Albert.
Image Preview R-B3860 Photograph 7 - A residential street in Prince Albert.
Image Preview S-B11948 Photograph 8 - "Prince Albert's main street, Central Avenue."
Image Preview VT - R177.1 Video 9 - Prince Albert - Gateway to the North: Modern Voyageurs (Silent Film)
Image Preview R-B1729 PDF Document 10 - A souvenir booklet about Prince Albert.
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