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Life on the Prairies - Prosperous Homes
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"Dressed in their best cloths, a well-off Midale farmer leaves his large home for a drive with a few friends and family."

"The usual image of a Saskatchewan homesteader is that of a poor, but hard working family standing in front of their sod house. While these images certainly reflected the reality for many people, there were also a number who were quite prosperous. This prosperity was often reflected in their homes. "

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Automobiles; Clothing and Dress; Midale District

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Image Preview R-B3505 Photograph 1 - "Dressed in their best cloths, a well-off Midale farmer leaves his large home for a drive with a few friends and family.
Image Preview R-B7422 Photograph 2 - "Built in 1886, this two-story stone house belonged to a farmer in the Edgeley district."
Image Preview R-B10422 Photograph 3 - The large home and abundance of horses indicated a level of success for this Edgeley farmer.
Image Preview R-B4507-1 Photograph 4 - A successful farm in the Bradwell district.
Image Preview R-A12985-1 Photograph 5 - Even the T. Eaton Co. advertised ready made homes that were intended for the successful settler.
Image Preview R-A214-19 Photograph 6 - A brick farm home built southwest of Melfort.
Image Preview R-A214-18 Photograph 7 - A large farm home in the Melfort district.
Image Preview R-A484-1 Photograph 8 - The Doune Lodge stock farm near Arcola
Image Preview R-B130-10 Photograph 9 - "With a larger home and a shelter belt surrounding it, this Balcarres family had achieved a measure of success."
Image Preview R-B3306 Photograph 10 - A near perfect setting for a large home in the Prince Albert district.
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