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Life on the Prairies - Radio
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"In 1922, CKCK was the first radio station in the province."

"During the 1920s the advent of radio made a big difference to the people of Saskatchewan, in particular the rural areas. It was a medium that was readily accepted since it helped to end the isolation and loneliness. Announcers brought entertainment, news, and sports into the homes of people across the province."

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Radio Stations; Regina

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Image Preview R-A21727 Photograph 1 - "In 1922, CKCK was the first radio station in the province."
Image Preview R-A24447-3 Photograph 2 - Listening to the crystal radio set.
Image Preview R-B2785 Photograph 3 - The control room of CHWC radio station in Pilot Butte
Image Preview R-A23086 Photograph 4 - CKCK's broadcasting studio was located on the 6th floor of a downtown office building in Regina.
Image Preview R-B2784 Photograph 5 - The studio for the CHWC radio station was located in the Kitchener hotel at Pilot Butte.
Image Preview R-B8956 Photograph 6 - Listening to a live orchestra over the radio brought a major change to the lives of the homesteader. This was the first
Image Preview R-A17225 Photograph 7 - By the 1920's many pioneer homes were using a popular pole to support an aerial for radio broadcasts. The windmill was
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