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Life on the Prairies - Regina
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E.B.Williams Album-P50-5
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Swimming in Wascana Creek at the Old Crossing.

Although the future city of Regina was located on a flat treeless plain, it did have the Wascana creek which the railway dammed for use as a water supply. These humble beginnings would soon gain speed when Regina was selected as the capital city in 1883.

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E.B.Williams Album-P50-5
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Wascana Creek; Swimming; Regina

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Image Preview E.B.Williams Album-P50-5 Photograph 1 - Swimming in Wascana Creek at the Old Crossing.
Image Preview E.B.Williams Album-P14-1 Photograph 2 - CPR station at Regina.
Image Preview E.B.Williams Album-P127-1 Photograph 3 - When Regina was young.
Image Preview R-B219-41 Photograph 4 - An advertisement to attract settlers to Regina.
Image Preview E.B.Williams Album-P22-4 Photograph 5 - The NWMP station in Regina.
Image Preview Chamber of Commerce Album p.45 Photograph 6 - Regina city hall.
Image Preview Chamber Of Commerce Album-26 Photograph 7 - Albert Street subway.
Image Preview E.B.Williams Album-P5-2 Photograph 8 - Muddy streets and sidewalks.
Image Preview E.B.Williams Album-P39-1 Photograph 9 - Corner of 11th Ave and Hamilton Street.
Image Preview E.B. Williams Album-P102-2 Photograph 10 - Regina's first hospital.
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