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Life on the Prairies - Shopping
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An ad from the T. Eaton Co. catalogue for a house and the lumber to build it.

"Many homesteaders tried to be self sufficient, but there were some items that needed to be purchased. By necessity shopping became part of the settlement experience. Shopping via catalogue was common for many people. You could purchase everything from an actual home to the items that were in it. A trip to the local store also supplied the settlers with the items they needed. "

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Frame Houses

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Image Preview R-A12985-1 Photograph 1 - An ad from the T. Eaton Co. catalogue for a house and the lumber to build it.
Image Preview R-B11449 Photograph 2 - "When a homestead family arrived at their new home, most brought along items purchased from the closest town store or fr
Image Preview R-B10778 Photograph 3 - "To make things easier for the new settlers, the Canadian Pacific Railway also sold ready-made farm homes, complete with
Image Preview R-A2725 Photograph 4 - Travelling salesmen were also part of the early prairie experience. This 'Rawleigh man' posed with his delivery wagon i
Image Preview R-A18342 Photograph 5 - A new 'Home Comfort' range was delivered to a buyer in Fleming via a mule-drawn wagon.
Image Preview S-B4606 Photograph 6 - The opening of Jacob Janzen's store in Rosthern.
Image Preview R-E2051a PDF Document 7 - The T. Eaton Co. offered a complete range of products for the early settlers.
Image Preview R-E2051g PDF Document 8 - Virtually any type of food and household articles were ordered from catalogues.
Image Preview R-E2051c PDF Document 9 - The Henry Birks catalogue offered items of a higher value to its customers.
Image Preview R-E2051d PDF Document 10 - The Murray-Kay catalogue offered a range of clothing and other personal items.
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