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Life on the Prairies - Theatrical Events
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Manitou Lake was the site for a Chautauqua in 1922.

"Popular entertainment took many forms during the early years. Chautauquas were particularly popular due to their combination of educational lectures, musical performances, and plays. In addition there were movies, circuses, amateur theatre, and concerts to enjoy."

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Chautauquas; Manitou Lake

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Image Preview R-A4657 Photograph 1 - Manitou Lake was the site for a Chautauqua in 1922.
Image Preview R-A23724 Photograph 2 - Children dressed up in costume and paraded through town to advertise a Chautauqua in Kerrobert.
Image Preview R-A18860-3 Photograph 3 - May 1 of each year was traditionally celebrated as May Day. Dancing around the May pole was quite often part of the cel
Image Preview R-A18860-4 Photograph 4 - May Day celebrations at Qu'Appelle school.
Image Preview R-A9482 Photograph 5 - High school students from Qu'Appelle performed this dance.
Image Preview R-A4976 Photograph 6 - The cast of a play performed at Indian Head.
Image Preview R-B3914 Photograph 7 - The Prince Albert players for 'The Corner Store' production.
Image Preview Pamphlet PDF Document 8 - An advertisement to a play performed at Battleford.
Image Preview R-A4386 Photograph 9 - The arrival of the circus at Prince Albert attracted a large crowd.
Image Preview R-A4382 Photograph 10 - The circus elephants paraded through the streets of Prince Albert.
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