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Life on the Prairies - Town Life
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ca 1907

Main street in small town Saskatchewan.

As homesteaders moved onto their individual quarter sections hundreds of small towns literally sprang up over night to provide the services they needed. The life in and around these small towns would play a major role in defining the character of Saskatchewan. The location of each town was determined by the railway and the technology of the day meant they were approximately 12 km apart. All the services the homesteaders needed were located in each community.

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Streets; Oxen; Wagons

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Image Preview R-A4434 Photograph 1 - Main street in small town Saskatchewan.
Image Preview S-B440 Photograph 2 - Elstow's main street.
Image Preview S-B11730 Photograph 3 - "The implement dealer, post office, and general stores were located along Third Street in Dalmeny."
Image Preview S-B7351 Photograph 4 - "Hotels, or commercial houses, were common in each town."
Image Preview R-A20260 Photograph 5 - The Davidson barber at work.
Image Preview R-A8809-18 Photograph 6 - Carpenters and other trades people each had a shop in town.
Image Preview R-A19053-2 Photograph 7 - "With horses and oxen providing the major means of transportation, the livery stable was an important stop for many peop
Image Preview R-A4001 Photograph 8 - A blacksmith shop at Melfort.
Image Preview R-B11851 Photograph 9 - Shoeing a horse in the Oxbow blacksmith shop.
Image Preview R-B11652 Photograph 10 - The interior of the blacksmith shop at Gainsborough.
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