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Life on the Prairies - Water and Heat
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A sod shack, in the Regina district, has a well in the ‘front yard’.

Two of the biggest problems facing early settlers on the prairie were obtaining a good supply of drinking water and a source of heat. Long hours were spent hauling water and finding wood. If the original homestead was too distant from a good source of water or wood they were often abandoned.

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Sod Houses; Wells

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Image Preview R-A8302 Photograph 1 - A sod shack, in the Regina district, has a well in the ‘front yard’.
Image Preview R-A20053 Photograph 2 - Students gather around the well at Quebec School, northwest of Cantal.
Image Preview R-A18921 Photograph 3 - On a farm near Broadview a farmer pumps water into a trough for the horses.
Image Preview R-A4642-1 Photograph 4 - A family in front of their homestead shack with a team of oxen and a stone boat, which was often used to haul water.
Image Preview R-A8634-2 Photograph 5 - Using a tractor to haul water on a stone boat.
Image Preview R-B10047 Photograph 6 - In Maple Creek, a team of four horses was used to haul a large water wagon.
Image Preview Pamphlet PDF Document 7 - A Public Works report highlights the problem of obtaining a good supply of water.
Image Preview R-A23655 Photograph 8 - Melting snow for livestock near Blackwood.
Image Preview A-1596-2 Audio 9 - An interview with Mary McCheane and Annie Saunders.
Image Preview R-A6147 Photograph 10 - A load of popular poles, used for firewood, on a sledge drawn by a team of horses.
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