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Life on the Prairies - Winter
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A log house in the St. Luke district during winter.

"Perhaps the most difficult experience the homesteader faced was winter. Extreme cold, winds, and snow for many months of the year caused difficulties for those on the farm and for those in the city. Saskatchewan could come to a virtual standstill during severe winter weather."

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Log Houses; Winter; Snow

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Image Preview R-A6162-1 Photograph 1 - A log house in the St. Luke district during winter.
Image Preview R-A778-3 Photograph 2 - High snow drifts on a farm near Lewvan.
Image Preview R-A20398 Photograph 3 - A farmhouse near Lancer portrayed a typical winter scene.
Image Preview R-A23490-3 Photograph 4 - Using a sledge to haul a load of wood in winter.
Image Preview S-B1988 Photograph 5 - Clearing the railway after a snow storm in May.
Image Preview R-B12174 Photograph 6 - "The aftermath of a snow storm that hit Estevan on March 15, 1920."
Image Preview R-A21805 Photograph 7 - Three metre snow drifts lined the sidewalks in Whitewood.
Image Preview R-A5610 Photograph 8 - "Following a three day blizzard, the hockey-curling rink at Carievale was half-filled with snow."
Image Preview R-B3768 Photograph 9 - A midsummer snow storm in Arcola.
Image Preview VT R273.1 Part 2 Video 10 - The Face of Saskatchewan - Winter Storms
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