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Religion - Church Activities
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ca 1913

Family and friends gather for the christening of two babies at the Anglican Church in Edgeley.

"From christenings to picnics, Saskatchewan churches were involved in many activities which affected the lives of the early settlers. For most homesteaders the church was a place of worship, but it was also a community and social centre providing assistance to people."

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Edgely; Anglican Church;

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Image Preview R-A19531 Photograph 01 - "Using a buggy known as a caleche, this family from the Mazenod district was off to Sunday mass."
Image Preview R-A3468 Photograph 02 - "Following Sunday mass at Willow Bunch, the congregation visited outside of the church."
Image Preview R-A8286 Photograph 03 - Young boys and girls dressed for their confirmation and communion.
Image Preview R-A8269 Photograph 03 - "Travelling to the shrine at St. Laurent, on the South Saskatchewan river."
Image Preview R-A4330-4 Photograph 04 - Worshippers in Prince Albert celebrated the Feast of Corpus Christi with a parade.
Image Preview R-A23027 Photograph 05 - "With the Prud'homme convent in the background, a priest plows the field with a walking plow."
Image Preview R-A23676 Photograph 06 - Sisters of the 'Filles de la Providence' gather outside their first convent at Domremy.
Image Preview R-A23689 Photograph 07 - St. Patrick's orphanage in Prince Albert was run by sisters belonging to the 'Filles de la Providence'.
Image Preview R-B11654 Photograph 08 - Orphans at St. Patrick's orphanage in Prince Albert.
Image Preview R-A20870 Photograph 09 - A youth group from the Lutheran church in Percival.
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