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Religion - Clergy
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ca 1912

On the trail to the next homesteader's farm.

Attracting enough clergy to meet the needs of the homesteaders was not always easy. The distances were great and they had to combine the life of a pioneer with their work within the church.

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Anglican Church; Clergy; Horses

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Image Preview R-A25817 Photograph 01 - An appeal for men to join the Anglican church as clergy in Saskatchewan.
Image Preview R-A25837 Photograph 02 - "Working as a clergyman for the church in Saskatchewan meant that you still had to do the regular chores, such as bringi
Image Preview R-A6184 Photograph 03 - Visiting parishioners on horseback in the Whitewood district.
Image Preview R-A25853 Photograph 04 - Visiting a parishioner out in the field.
Image Preview R-A25865 Photograph 05 - On the trail to the next homesteader's farm.
Image Preview R-B656 Photograph 06 - The provincial synod for the Anglican Church in Rupert's Land met in Regina in 1896.
Image Preview R-B7066 Photograph 07 - The bishop and several clergy in Assiniboia. The missions' church van is behind them.
Image Preview R-B11427 Photograph 08 - The priest driving this car had a long walk to get some help before the mission van from Assiniboia brought out the nece
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