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Saskatchewan Today - Introduction
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Enjoying a prairie sunset near MacNutt.

Saskatchewan is a vast land, ranging from forests in the north to open prairies in the south. Most of the people live and work in the southern prairies, and this is where the settlement experiences between 1870 and 1930 had the greatest impact. Although agriculture is still the heart and soul of Saskatchewan, the province has changed dramatically since the days of early settlement. The railways that helped to define the province still roll across the land, but branch lines and small towns are giving way to inland terminals and larger service centres. The original quarter section homestead is now part of a much larger farming operation and quite often it is industry that dominates the economy. Whether rancher, farmer, or city worker it is still the people and the experiences they bring with them that make this province unique. Our heritage is rich with many cultures that originated with the arrival of the settlers between 1870 and 1930. It is the settlement experiences that occurred during those sixty years that defined the land, the people, and the province and continue to do so today.

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DSC_0876 copy
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Charles Melnick
Photograph courtesy of Tourism Saskatchewan.
Children; Sunset; Grain Elevators

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Image Preview DSC_0876 copy Photograph 1 - Enjoying a prairie sunset near MacNutt.
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