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Settlement Patterns - French
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La Rolanderie, an establishment of the 'French counts' at Whitewood.

In the mid 1880s a number of French aristocrats attempted to recreate life as they knew it in France. By the early 1900s the venture had failed and they returned to France, but their servants remained to contribute to the French culture in Saskatchewan.

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Image Preview R-A21517-1 Drawing 1 - Editorial cartoon depicting emigration from the province of Quebec.
Image Preview R-266 No. 1644 PDF Document 2 - Letters of enquiry about homesteading in Saskatchewan.
Image Preview R-A2181 Drawing 3 - La Rolanderie, an establishment of the 'French counts' at Whitewood.
Image Preview R-B12483 Photograph 4 - "The Whitewood band, including some of the French aristocrats from St. Hubert, previously La Rolanderie."
Image Preview R-A19713-1 Photograph 5 - Settlers arriving at Auvergne, near Ponteix.
Image Preview R-A19700 Photograph 6 - Family and friends in front of an early home near Auvergne.
Image Preview R-266 No. 1644 PDF Document 7 - A soldier’s letter seeking information about homesteading.
Image Preview R-A19543 Photograph 8 - Horse drawn grain wagons in Gravelbourg.
Image Preview R-A3453 Photograph 9 - The post master from Willow Bunch setting out from Regina with the mail and supplies.
Image Preview R-A3440 Photograph 10 - St. Jean-Baptiste society in Willow Bunch.
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