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Transportation and Communication - Air Travel
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"A Curtiss pusher biplane, 'The Shooting Star', at the Regina Exhibition."

"While air travel eventually became an important means of travel, it was more of a novelty during the 1920s. The barnstormers crisscrossed the province to entertain the people in cities and towns. In the north air travel was an essential means of opening up the land, whether it was summer or winter."

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Airplanes; Regina; Exhibition

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Image Preview R-A7430 Photograph 01 - "A Curtiss pusher biplane, 'The Shooting Star', at the Regina Exhibition."
Image Preview R-A9575-3 Photograph 02 - Two of the first passengers to fly with the McClelland Aviation company in Saskatoon.
Image Preview R-A9576-8 Photograph 03 - Barnstorming airplanes were common during the 1920s.
Image Preview R-A9584 Photograph 04 - A Curtiss Jenny (JN4) plane at Russell Field in Prince Albert.
Image Preview R-A20629 Photograph 05 - "At Raymore, children gathered around the first plane to land in the community."
Image Preview R-B4085 Photograph 06 - By 1929 the novelty of air travel was still evident. This couple were the first to be married in an airplane.
Image Preview R-B3839-1 Photograph 07 - The first airplane licensed for commercial purposes in Canada flew out of Regina.
Image Preview R-A9777-4 Photograph 08 - The Saskatchewan Air Patrol provided several services to Northern Saskatchewan from their base at Ladder Lake.
Image Preview R-B2679 Photograph 09 - A float plane refuelling at Pelican Narrows. The planes were ideal for flying people into remote fishing camps. Miners
Image Preview R-A9778-11 Photograph 10 - A seaplane on a northern lake.
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