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Transportation and Communication - Cars, Etc.
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ca 1920

A car parked on the open prairie.

"The arrival of the automobile was greeted with great enthusiasm in Saskatchewan. It was seen as a way to overcome the vast distances and to end the isolation many felt. The number of cars on Saskatchewan roads increased dramatically and, similar to railways, gradually caused major change to the province."

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Automobiles; Prairie

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Image Preview R-B624 Photograph 01 - "The first automobiles in Regina were used to bring a group of dignitaries to a function. They included Prime Minister
Image Preview R-A9525 Photograph 02 - Bishop Harding and Reverend Melly used this old two-seater Ford car to reach the dedication of St. George's Anglican chu
Image Preview R-A2496 Photograph 03 - The owner of the first car in Langenburg took a few friends for a drive.
Image Preview R-A505 Photograph 04 - A car parked on the open prairie.
Image Preview R-B4028-3 Photograph 05 - As the use of cars increased so did the accident rate.
Image Preview R-A9523 Photograph 06 - Reverend Melly traveled the railway lines with his specially adapted motorcycle.
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