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Transportation and Communication - Ferries
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The ferry at Prince Albert loaded with horse drawn wagons.

"When the amount of traffic was not great enough or the location was remote, a ferry service was used to transport people and goods. Along with railways, roads, and bridges the ferry service was part of a transportation infrastructure helping to ensure the settlement of Saskatchewan was successful."

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Ferries; Prince Albert

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Image Preview R-A287 Photograph 01 - Crossing the Saskatchewan River on the Ravine Bank ferry close to Nipawin.
Image Preview R-A290 Photograph 02 - "With two cars on board, this ferry set out across the Saskatchewan River."
Image Preview R-A561-17 Photograph 03 - The Batoche ferry in the summer.
Image Preview R-A561-6 Photograph 04 - The Batoche ferry during the winter.
Image Preview R-A597-3 Photograph 05 - Ice and mud during the springtime made unloading difficult.
Image Preview R-A1698-1 Photograph 06 - The ferry at Prince Albert loaded with horse drawn wagons.
Image Preview R-A9708-1 Photograph 07 - The type of ferry varied according to the location and the current. On the Red Deer river a small passenger ferry was u
Image Preview R-A9838-2 Photograph 08 - Crossing the Qu'Appelle River near Katepwa.
Image Preview R-A3457 Photograph 09 - Using a ferry to cross Willow Bunch Lake.
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