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Transportation and Communication - Newspapers
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ca 1918

The Parkinson brothers deliver the Kamsack newspaper.

As settlement spread across the province so did newspapers. In the early years they were the only means of communicating news and information to the people. Virtually every town and city had a newspaper or two and several speciality newspapers developed to provide information to their readers.

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Children; Clothing and Dress; Newspapers; Kamsack

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Image Preview R-A5523 Photograph 01 - "P.G. Laurie, founder and publisher of the Saskatchewan Herald. The first newspaper, in what would become Saskatchewan,
Image Preview R-A12656 Photograph 02 - P.G. Laurie published the Saskatchewan Herald out of this Battleford building between 1878 and 1884.
Image Preview Newspaper PDF Document 03 - "First issue of the Saskatchewan Herald, August 25, 1878. The first newspaper published in Saskatchewan."
Image Preview Newspaper PDF Document 04 - "A sample issue of the Saskatchewan Herald from December 20th, 1886."
Image Preview R-B944 Photograph 05 - By 1900 Laurie was using a more spacious office for his newspaper.
Image Preview R-A5953 Photograph 06 - "Nicholas Flood Davin, politician and newspaper man, founded the Regina Leader in 1883."
Image Preview R-B9884 Photograph 07 - The Regina Leader newspaper building in 1885.
Image Preview R-A23087 Photograph 08 - By 1922 the Leader's office building in Regina reflected the rapid change that occurred in Saskatchewan.
Image Preview R-B9457 Photograph 09 - The Daily Province was a second newspaper in Regina.
Image Preview R-B7962 Photograph 10 - A linotype machine that was common in early newspaper operations.
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