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Transportation and Communication - Railway Travel
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Regina's train station was a busy place.

Between 1870 and 1930 the network of rail lines in the province expanded rapidly. Virtually every community in Saskatchewan owed its existence to the railway. Before the automobile and good highways the main method of travel between communities was by train. Major communities had several trains a day heading out in every direction to transport people and freight to all corners of the province.

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Railway Stations; Regina

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Image Preview pg50 Map 01 - The development of railways: 1882 - 1931
Image Preview E.B. Williams Album p. 14 no. 1 Photograph 02 - The CPR (Canadian Pacific Railway) station at Regina in the early days of railway travel.
Image Preview S-B4111 Photograph 03 - Whether an important person or regular citizen everyone travelled by train. Prime Minister Laurier's special train open
Image Preview R-A1600-1 Photograph 04 - Disembarking passengers at the Prince Albert train station.
Image Preview S-A368 Photograph 05 - The CPR station in the small community of Marchwell.
Image Preview R-A18894 Photograph 06 - Each of the local railway stations was a centre of community activity. Station agents took pride in the flower gardens
Image Preview R-B9073 Photograph 07 - Regina's train station was a busy place.
Image Preview R-A7397 Photograph 08 - A group of women belonging to the Presbyterian Women's Missionary Society catch the train at Wapella.
Image Preview R-A25822 Photograph 09 - One of many CPR passenger trains travelling across the province.
Image Preview R-A1770 Photograph 10 - Some communities were serviced by mixed freight and passenger trains.
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