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Transportation and Communication - Roads
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Crossing the Arm River bridge near Davidson.

"Due to the vast distances and widely dispersed population in Saskatchewan the province eventually had the largest road system in the country. From dirt tracks through the prairie to gravel and hard-top highways, the development of an all weather road system became an essential transportation link for the people of the province."

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Roads; arm River; Davidson District; Saskatchewan Scenery

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Image Preview R-A18044 Photograph 01 - For the first homesteaders this type of ‘road improvement’ was a common site.
Image Preview R-A302 Photograph 02 - Soft gravel and/or earth roads became more common as settlement spread.
Image Preview R-B4084 Photograph 03 - A car stuck in the mud was a common site during spring and after rain storms.
Image Preview R-A16820-2 Photograph 04 - In 1926 the Trans-Canada highway in Saskatchewan was just a dirt road.
Image Preview R-A17394 Photograph 05 - The first steps towards road improvement were gravel highways.
Image Preview R-A20211 Photograph 06 - Crossing the Arm River bridge near Davidson.
Image Preview R-A299 Photograph 07 - "An early gravel highway kept the cars out of the snow, mud, and melt waters. "
Image Preview R-A5853 Photograph 08 - Roads through the forested areas of the province were often impassable tracks.
Image Preview Pamphlets Map 09 - A Saskatchewan road map - 1919.
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