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Transportation and Communication - Sleighs and Sleds
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A homesteader's shack with a sleigh parked in front.

"Winters were long, cold, and lonely for the homesteader. The sense of isolation was lessened somewhat by the use of sleighs and other means of winter transportation. In addition to making it easier to get the winter work done, it was also possible to visit neighbours and get to town."

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Sleighs and Sledges; Frame House

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Image Preview R99-322-9 Photograph 01 - A homesteader's shack with a sleigh parked in front.
Image Preview R-B1797 Photograph 02 - A box sleigh at work in the Qu'Appelle Valley.
Image Preview R-B1676 Photograph 03 - During the winter large sleighs were used to haul freight across the river in Prince Albert.
Image Preview R-B3533 Photograph 04 - A team of oxen pulling a sled through Northern Saskatchewan.
Image Preview R-A9674-4 Photograph 05 - Brush being hauled along the Mistatim trail.
Image Preview R-A17284 Photograph 06 - Dressed for the weather in the Carlyle area.
Image Preview R-A7232 Photograph 07 - A high-built cutter with a windbreak.
Image Preview R-B1642-1 Photograph 08 - A cutter in use on the streets of Prince Albert.
Image Preview R-A9731 Photograph 09 - Forest rangers made use of a small sled pulled by dogs to do their work.
Image Preview R-A1582 Photograph 10 - Dog sled teams were used for practical transportation as well as recreation.
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