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Transportation and Communication - Telephones
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ca 1917

A telephone line crossing the lonely prairie.

The isolation that so many pioneers felt was lessened with the arrival of telephone service. Limited telephone service was available in cities by the end of the 1800s. The distances between farms meant that a similar service to rural customers was slow to develop. This changed when the government stepped in and formed the Department of Telephones in 1908.

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Telephone Lines

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Image Preview R-A9774-8 Photograph 01 - A telephone line crossing the lonely prairie.
Image Preview R-A23182 Photograph 02 - A typical telephone in the 1920s.
Image Preview R-A7359 Photograph 03 - A Saskatchewan Telephone Company crew building a long distance line from Regina to Winnipeg.
Image Preview R-A9774-3 Photograph 04 - In Northern Saskatchewan horses were used to carry the coils of phone wire
Image Preview R-A18771-2 Photograph 05 - Construction of a Trans-Canada telephone line near Shackleton.
Image Preview R-A18906 Photograph 06 - As telephone service expanded most towns soon had streets lined with telephone poles.
Image Preview R-A9772-5 Photograph 07 - A demonstration of a three line switchboard which could service rural areas.
Image Preview R-A1720-1 Photograph 08 - Telephone repair crews used a small platform to work on a line in Prince Albert.
Image Preview R-A20763-2 Photograph 09 - A repair crew had to use a boat to reach a pole following a flood in the Roche Percee district.
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