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A Ladies Aid Society meeting in Craik.

"Saskatchewan women played an active role in a wide variety of organizations during the years of settlement between 1870 and 1930. While some organizations were connected to the church, others were political or social in nature. The goals of the women’s organizations were often very diverse. There were some organizations setting out to change society, such as the suffrage movement, while others were encouraging a more traditional approach to managing the household."

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Women's Associations; Craik

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Image Preview R-A10349 Photograph 01 - A Ladies Aid Society meeting in Craik.
Image Preview R-A19214 Photograph 02 - A Women's Auxiliary group meeting in Prince Albert.
Image Preview R-A20948 Photograph 03 - Imperial Order Daughters of the Empire meeting at Spring Lake.
Image Preview R-B4481 Photograph 04 - The Saskatchewan Grain Grower's Association Women's Section at the 5th annual conference in Regina.
Image Preview R-B8839 Photograph 05 - Women's section of the Ukrainian Labour Farmer Temple Association.
Image Preview R-1252 III.26 PDF Document 06 - A Handbook for Homemaker's Clubs.
Image Preview R-260 I.168 PDF Document 07 - Homemaker’s Clubs in Saskatchewan.
Image Preview R-260 I.169 PDF Document 08 - A speech entitled 'Thrift and Art in the Home' delivered to Homemaker's Clubs in Saskatchewan.
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