Pioneer Questionnaires

In the early 1950s, the Provincial Archives distributed a series of questionnaires to early settlers of the province. There were eleven different questionnaires which covered the following topics: Pioneer Diet, General Pioneer Experiences, Schools, Churches, Recreation and Social Life, Farming Experiences, Folklore, Health, Housing, Local Government, and Christmas. The 3500+ replies which were received are available for viewing in the reading room.

The questionnaires may be searched by the name of the pioneer, the nearest community, or the year of settlement in Saskatchewan. Please view the list of names of participants here. To access the questionnaires, please visit the archives in Saskatoon, or contact us.

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Click on the illustrations below for a sample of each type of questionnaire.

 Pioneer Diet

 General Pionner Experiences



 Recreational and Social Life

 Farming Experiences




 Local Government