Reading Room Services and Procedures

The Provincial Archives has research facilities in two cities: Regina and Saskatoon. Both offices offer the full range of reference services described on this website. Finding aids for all collections in Regina and Saskatoon are available to view in both reading rooms and many are also available in Threshold. If you have a specific research interest but you are unsure of which office to visit, you can search for relevant materials using Threshold, which will indicate at which office the records are held, or you can contact us prior to your visit.

Because we operate out of two locations, the Provincial Archives provides a free inter-office shipment service for our patrons. We ship most archival records from one office to the other upon request.

If you wish to use the reading rooms at the Provincial Archives in-person, upon arrival our reference staff will ask you to complete a registration form and produce one piece of identification (preferably photo identification). The registration form includes a list of the rules and regulations which govern the use of our research materials and facilities. Once you are registered, you will receive a research pass, which is valid in both of our offices. We ask that you show this pass whenever you visit.

Patrons should be aware that some records at the Provincial Archives may have access restrictions.  Each access request is reviewed individually. Please Note:   The length of this review is dependent on the volume of records.  Out-of-town researchers should take this into consideration when planning your research visit.

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