"Mr. Klimax" -- the largest shovel in the world in 1967

SK Archives Photo R-PS67-503-02

This image, taken in 1967, shows "Mr. Klimax", the largest shovel in the world at the time.  This shovel was used to dig coal at Coalfields, SK, east of Estevan.  Mr. Klimax" was a Marion M7800 dragline built 1957-1958, south of Bienfait, SK. It was first used at the Western Dominion Collieries, whose coal brand at that time was "Klimax" Coal. A dragline excavator is used for surface mining, a method of mining used to extract coal from the ground in the Estevan-Bienfait-Coalfields area of south-eastern Saskatchewan.1

SK Archives Photos R-A944

This image is of a strip-mining operation at the Estevan Daylight coal mine, in 1928.  The shovel of this machine is much smaller than "Mr. Klimax".


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