Documenting the Dakota: Lucy Margaret Baker Memoir

This chapter from Lucy Margaret Baker, A Memoir, outlines how Lucy Baker’s work amongst the Dakota people at Prince Albert began.  This publication was written by Elizabeth A.Byers, and was published by the Women’s Missionary Society of the Presbyterian Church in Canada.  The preface to this publication notes that Elizabeth Byers wrote this “short biographical sketch of Miss Lucy Margaret Baker, the first Canadian woman to represent us in mission work among the Indians of our own land” at the request of the “Executive Board”, who “[felt] deeply that the heroic efforts of our pioneer missionaries should be held in grateful remembrance by our W.M.S. [Women’s Missionary Society]”. 

This chapter conveys some of the commonly held prejudices that existed at the time regarding the Dakota people’s religious beliefs and history.  This chapter also includes some personal stories regarding how Lucy Baker first involved herself amongst the Dakota people. An interesting story included in this chapter highlights the difficulties experienced by Baker when she was simply trying to find transportation across the river in order to reach the small Dakota community.

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