Documenting the Dakota: "Come and Live Among Them"

Although the place is isolated it is much more satisfactory, as regards the work, to be on the reserve.  They would not believe until they saw the house being built that we would really come and live among them.  All the Indians on the reserve are kindly disposed and we do not fear them.

SK Archives, F375 Lucy Margaret Baker fonds, File 2. Correspondence, Speeches, 1890-1896, Letter to Mrs. H. from Lucy Baker, February 10, 1896.

This excerpt from a letter written by Lucy Baker illustrates her choice to live amongst the Dakota at the Wahpeton reserve in order to better carry out her missionary and teaching work.  Lucy Baker explicitly mentions that she did not fear the Dakota people (which would have been a common concern at the time), and that her close proximity to the community was helpful to her work.


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