Documenting the Dakota: Makoce Waste Community

When Prof. Hart visited us last Sept. we had a gathering of the Indians.  He asked the Chief what name he wished given to his new home.  He replied, “the land we beheld and lo it was good, or fair to look upon”.  Thinking this too long a name, it was agreed to call it Makoce Waste, Good Land reserve.

SK Archives, F375 Lucy Margaret Baker fonds, File 2. Correspondence, Speeches, 1890-1896, Letter to Mrs. H. from Lucy Baker, February 10, 1896.

In this excerpt from a letter written by Lucy Baker she describes how the people at the Dakota reserve chose the name Makoce Waste for their new community.  The only records that use the name Makoce Waste in reference to the Dakota reserve at Prince Albert are those found in the Lucy Margaret Baker fonds, and in various Presbyterian Church records.  The name most often used for this reserve is Wahpeton, which refers to one of the subdivisions of the Dakota Nation.  The reserve is also sometimes called Round Plain, which was a descriptive reference to the landscape where the reserve was located.

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