Documenting the Dakota: Missionaries

And then sometime between 1915 and 1894, somewhere in that period, the Indian department took over and give us medicine and all this and that. And they started paying missionaries to go in there. And they started paying the Presbyterian church who were teaching the children. Then other denominations jumped in. Like the Catholics and the others. So that split us in different groups. But anyway, the starter is Miss Lucy Baker, with Miss Annie Cameron. Later on Miss Annie Cameron become Mrs. William Kirby and that lady, well, they both, Miss Lucy Baker and Miss Cameron, they can master our language very, very well.

Robert Goodvoice, from SK Archives, R-5761 and R-5762, Robert Goodvoice, September 8 and 23, 1979, excerpt from the transcript.

In this excerpt, Robert Goodvoice refers to the activities of the Presbyterian Church on the reserve.  It is very likely that because Lucy Baker and Annie Cameron were both willing to learn the Dakota language, they were better able to establish relationships with the Dakota people.

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