Documenting the Dakota: From Professor Hart

These two letters from Professor Hart of the Presbyterian Church’s Foreign Missionary Committee document one of the more innovative approaches that Lucy Baker took in her missionary work amongst the Dakota people at the Wahpeton reserve.  In these letters, Professor Hart discusses the travel arrangements that were made for the Reverend L. Mazawakinyanna, a Presbyterian minister and a Dakota man from North Dakota, who paid a visit to Lucy Baker and the residents of the Wahpeton reserve.  It seems that the Reverend’s lack of English caused some concern with regards to his travel arrangements at the time.  This visit from a Presbyterian minister, who was also Dakota, may have assisted Baker in making progress with the influential traditional medicine men who could help her counter the resistance that she experienced while amongst the Dakota.

Click here to view Professor Hart's letter from October 27, 1900

Click here to view Professor Hart's letter from November 27, 1900

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