Documenting the Dakota: Robert Goodvoice

I am Robert Goodvoice and my age is 76. I live on the Round Plain Reserve and I belong to the Wahpeton Band. As I have said before and I am going to say again, that [sic] is a division of the Dakota Tribes that live in a big circle and another one in the big circle. There are three circles. The time came when they divided into groups and they scattered here and there.

From SK Archives, R-1334, Robert Goodvoice, June 15 – Oct. 15, 1977, excerpt from transcript.

Another significant source of information on the Dakota at the Provincial Archives is the oral history series, “An Oral History of the Wahpaton [sic] Dakota”, which was recorded by Robert Goodvoice, an elder of the Wahpeton band. This collection consists of seventeen audio recordings, which are available as audio recordings and have also been transcribed.

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