Documenting the Dakota: Archival Sources & Bibliography

The following archival resources and publications were used in the preparation of this virtual exhibit:

Provincial Archives Collections

Campbell Innes fonds, A-113, Section VI. Books and Pamphlets, “Wigwam Trails: Stories of Canadian Indians for Presbyterian Girls’ Groups 1944-45” by the Women’s Missionary Society, Presbyterian Church in Canada. 

Department of the Interior Lands Branch, Homestead Files, S-42, File #1799126 and #4029206, regarding reserving homestead lands for the Wahpeton reserve. 

Lucy Margaret Baker fonds, F-375.

Photograph Collection.  Photographs S-B11848, S-B11872 , S-B11920, and S-B11922 from T.H.J. Charmbury fonds, and photographs S-B13519, S-13522, and S-B13524 from Lucy Margaret Baker fonds.

Robert Goodvoice, Sam Buffalo, and Archie Eagle for the oral history project “An Oral History of the Wahpaton Dakota”, 1977,  R-A1344 to R-A1347, and R-5761 to R-5763.


Elias, Peter Douglas.  The Dakota of the Canadian Northwest: Lessons for Survival.  Canadian Plains Research Centre: Regina (2002).

Laviolette, Gontran.  The Dakota Sioux in Canada.  DLM Publications: Winnipeg (1991).

Riggs, Stephen R.  A Dakota-English Dictionary.  Minnesota Historical Society Press: St. Paul (1992).

Williamson, John P.  An English-Dakota Dictionary.  Minnesota Historical Society Pres: St. Paul (1992).

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