Archives Timeline: Backlog Project

In response to the Swift Report, the operating grant for the Saskatchewan Archives included a six year increase of $1.2 million per year, beginning in April 2001, to address the records processing backlog. With the new funding in place, the Backlog Project was operational by November 2001. Twenty-one new staff were hired to process records. The estimated backlog at the Saskatchewan Archives at the time the project began was 118 person years. In its first three months, the Backlog Project staff arranged and described more than 50 metres of textual records, 17,000 photographs, 290 audio/visual records, and 9,000 architectural drawings.

Unfortunately, a reduction in funding for the Project in 2002 and 2003, ended this initiative prematurely. In 2015, the Saskatchewan Archives continues to explore options to meeting its large and growing collection of unprocessed records.

                      Backlog Project staff describing architectural plans                                                       Backlog Project staff scanning photographs                                  

                    Finding aids produced by the Backlog Project                                               Backlog Project staff processing moving image film         

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