Photographs provide us with a visual record of our past. They convey not only important information about specific people, places and events, but they also reflect, as a whole, the society which created them.

Since 1948, the Provincial Archives has been acquiring, preserving, and making accessible photographs which bear on the history of the province.  Hundreds of thousands of images are maintained in the Collection, with some of the earliest photographs dating from the 1870s, when itinerant photographers traveled the developing West.

Photographs are acquired from many sources, including government ministries and agencies, professional photographers, newspapers, organizations, museums, collectors, and private individuals. The Provincial Archives is the repository for the Government of Saskatchewan's Photographic Services Agency Collection.  The Agency documented development in the province extensively, including  agriculture, industry, education, health, resources, recreation, transportation, the civil service, and natural history.

Digitization projects are currently preparing thousands of photographs for deployment on this website.  The linking of thumbnail images to photographic descriptions in our online catalogue will continue as resources allow.

To access these records, begin your search in our online catalogue.  However, as not all of our Collection is described in the catalogue as of yet, you are also advised to contact Reference and Outreach Services.

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