More About Our Collection

The Saskatchewan Archives Collection is a rich and diverse body of records that document the history of the people, places, institutions and events that make Saskatchewan a unique and fascinating region.  Records in the Archives’ Collection are  created in many settings and in varied formats, and are acquired from every corner of the province.

For a general overview of the types of records available at the Saskatchewan Archives please see the summaries outlined below. 

For detailed descriptions of the sources available at the Saskatchewan Archives, please Threshold, or contact our Reference Services staff for assistance.

If you are interested in donating records to Saskatchewan Archives, please visit the Donating Records page of this website for more information.

If you wish to order reproductions of any of the records that you identify on this site, you can learn more about ordering reproductions from our website, and then contact our Reference Services staff to place an order.

Records in our holdings include:

Government Records

Records From Private Donors

Political and Ministerial Records

Court Records


Maps and Architectural Drawings

Moving Images

Recorded Sound

Documentary Art

Newspapers and Other Publications

Municipal Records

Education and School Records