Archival records are superb tools for telling stories.  In the exhibits and features found in this gallery, archival records from the Provincial Archives' Collection have been used to document the history of this province and its people.

We invite you to spend time browsing through these interesting and diverse exhibits, which feature amazing photographs, film and audio clips, maps, documentary art, textual records and publications from the Archives’ rich and compelling “treasure trove” of documentary heritage resources.

The Spanish Flu in Saskatchewan

This exhibit tells the story of the Spanish flu in Saskatchewan using newspaper articles, advertisements and journal entries.

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The Ties That Bind

To celebrate the 150th anniversary of Canada's Confederation, national, provincial and territorial archives - an historic collaboration of 14 institutions across Canada - have selected 150 images and stories that illustrate how people have traversed our nation over years, decades and centuries, with a major focus on the role of the railway.  This online exhibition called The Ties That Bind Canada, gives life to the stories of those who came before us to form and bind communities through the development of transportation links over land, sea and ice.

CPR Telegraph Ledger

The 1885 CPR Telegraph Ledger Exhibit features telegrams to and from the warfront during the Riel Resistance in 1885. 

Archives History Timeline

This exhibit tells the story of the Provincial Archives' creation and development using pictures and archival documents.

The Regina Cyclone of 1912

This exhibit features select images from our collection which document the destruction caused by an F4 scale tornado that struck Regina on June 30, 1912.

Documenting the Dakota

This virtual exhibit highlights many of the interesting archival documents from the Provincial Archives' collections that relate to the history of the Dakota at Wahpeton Reserve.

‘Stopped in Their Tracks’:  The 1935 Regina Riot

In commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the Regina Riot, the Provincial Archives created this blog site, loaded with samples of records pertaining to the events of that time. It features selected images of the Trekkers, the riot and the eyewitness testimony collected from the Regina Riot Inquiry Commission.

Saskatchewan Legislative Building Time Capsule

In a grand ceremony held on October 4th, 1909 a time capsule was placed in the cornerstone of the Saskatchewan Legislative Building, then under construction.  This exhibit documents the events leading up to the placement of the 1909 time capsule and its opening over 100 years later on December 15, 2011.

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