CPR Telegraph Ledger - Cut Knife Hill (May 2)

Cut Knife Hill (May 2)


  • After the Frog Lake Massacre, Chief Big Bear’s band went to Fort Pitt, forcing the North West Mounted Police to move to the town of Battleford.
  • Battleford had been under siege from the end of March by the band of Chief Poundmaker. By April 23 the band had left the town.
  • Lieutenant Colonel Otter, after having reached Battleford on April 23 with another column of the North-West Field Force, pursued Chief Poundmaker’s group and clashed with them at Cut Knife Hill on May 2. Otter withdrew after a seven hour battle. Between five and six First Nations fighters were killed, and eight of Otter’s men died. Otter’s withdrawal and Poundmaker’s decision not to pursue saved the Canadian forces from a worse outcome.

Images: News report of the battle. Click on Telegraph Image to read transcription.


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