Pre-1930 Homestead File Series (S 42)

The pre-1930 homestead files were created by the head office of the Dominion Lands Branch, of the federal Department of the Interior, when it was in charge of land settlement from 1871-1930.  In 1956, the Provincial Archives received the homestead files created by the former Department of the Interior.

The pre-1930 homestead file series has been indexed by name and legal land description.

The names of individuals that appear in the homestead index include the following:

  • Individuals who applied for a homestead or pre-emption
  • Individuals who received patent
  • Individuals who cancelled or abandoned their entry
  • Individuals who acted as a legal or personal representative on behalf of another homesteader
  • Individuals who received or purchased Métis scrip
  • Individuals who received or purchased South African scrip
  • Individuals who inherited homestead land

In 2005, this index was digitized thanks to a successful partnership of the Provincial Archives with the following partners: the Saskatchewan Genealogical Society, Information Services Corporation of Saskatchewan, Saskatchewan Institute for Applied Science and Technology, the Métis National Council, Saskatchewan Heritage Foundation, Pioneer, ISM Canada and EDS.

The Provincial Archives of Saskatchewan is in the process of making the entire Pre-1930 Homestead Series available in digitized form.  Approximately 70,000 pages of homestead records are currently accessible online, with additional material being made available as resources allow.

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